"I`ve been following Steve Stober's  photographic work for some time, and I can simply say his work is highly sophisticated, beautiful and communicates a great deal of the emotions that he feels when he faces the subjects he is photographing, giving to his work a very unique touch. He may appear like just another black and white portrait photographer to the unexperienced eye, but he truly has a very special spirit. "  

Nelson Arellano, Director of Fototeca de Cuba, Havana, Cuba


"Steve Stober has a remarkably sensitive view of the world that he travels in and the people that he encounters along the way. He connects through his camera and the result is always spectacular. Steve is committed to photography and printmaking as an art form and it is through this approach that he achieves the unique images and portraits that he does."

Charlotte Hale, Associate Dean, The School of Media, Art & Design, Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario


"Steve Stober is one of the most gifted portrait photographers working in Canada today. His charming and sensitive personality puts his subjects completely at ease and his eye delivers on bringing out the unique qualities each of us carries. Steve has shot my professional photos for 10 years (even my Linkedin shots) and has my full recommendation."

Stephen Ranger, Vice-President of Business Development, Waddingtons 


"Steve has a wonderful eye for detail and is able to candidly capture the unique personal traits of his subjects and bring them out in his photographs. His work displays a strong sense of social justice and is a visual treat. On a more personal note, Steve has a great personality that immediately puts you at ease and makes you forget that you are in front of a camera lens. "

Alexandra Orlova, Associate Professor, Ryerson University


"Steve Stober is a serious photographer who gives each subject all his energy and concentration. I can tell that. His work is quite impressive, very personal and well done."

Harry Benson, photographer


"Steve is a wonderful photographer, and remarkably skilled at working with young children. The portraits that he took of our boys as babies are some of our favourite pictures of them. "

Kate Hilton, novelist